Rewards Catalogue

The Rewards Catalogue brings your team’s synergy to the next level. That module allows your company to recognize employees for delivering great outcomes. This module fuels teams and makes them more confident and motivated to perform. Slick’s Rewards Catalogue is an avenue for giving back to teams or team members who deserve it.

Recognition is rewarding.

Motivate your team by acknowledging jobs well done.

Slick has an effective reward system that contributes directly to employee engagement and quality of output.

The Rewards Catalogue drive positive vibes and healthy competition in the workplace, as employees know that their hard work is never taken for granted.

Premium Rewards

Let your team enjoy the rewards they can redeem directly in exchange of points acquired by submitting ideas or badges.

Gamified System

The point system adds to the excitement and brings synergy through your organization.

Auction and Bidding

Interactive auctions and back-and-forth bidding help strengthen engagement and make employees feel their hardly earned rewards even more.

Custom Rewards

Create various types of rewards and ensure there’s something for everyone.

Start Building a Culture of Recognition.

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  • Reinforcing organization values.

    Celebrating wins will bring your team closer to your mission, vision, and values.

  • Motivation to go above and beyond.

    Acknowledging achievements pushes team members to continue giving their best in order to contribute to the key objectives.

  • Empowers individuals for bigger goals.

    Happy and motivated team members are the foundation to a solid organizational culture.

Engaged Employees. Empowered Company.

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