Slick makes available a variety of modules and features for your HR and performance management teams. One of these most sought after features is the Analytics your company has access to after implementing Slick. With the data available to your company from using Slick, you can get a hold of your business and make data-driven decisions moving forward. Analytics allow companies to get all the data and insights they need to feel the pulse of their business and take actions on what is most pressing.

Access to actionable data.

Make better decisions with data-driven insights.

Get a better understanding of how your HR efforts and your team interactions impact your business performance.

Analytics allows you to easily monitor your company’s various ongoing internal and external business activities.

Easily Accessible

Data available 24/7. Always ready for you whenever you need to refer to it.

Intuitive Dashboard

Viewing and tracking data with Slick’s Analytics is user-friendly and straightforward.

Stable, Controlled and Secure

Restrict access to top management if needed. Flexible controls for utmost privacy.

Flexible Data Exports

Export data in a flexible CSV format from Slick whenever needed. Always have the right and accurate data available at hand when you need it.

Turn Your Data into Actionables.

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A solution for every need

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  • More time to focus on people.

    By saying goodbye to paperwork, data encoding, and data extracting, you can focus on connecting with your team based on the provided insights.

  • Centralized and systematic database.

    All important information in one accessible location will help you manage and oversee all ongoing initiatives.

  • Track parallels with ease.

    Get rid of headaches with the easy to use dashboard that gives you an overview in seconds.

Engaged Employees. Empowered Company.

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