The workforce landscape is fast evolving. 

This means that the employee engagement and retention game is fast changing too. Gen X-ers, millennials, and baby boomers of different backgrounds are working together. An effective organization recognizes the need to embrace the diverse needs of a multi - generational workforce.

Slick is a workplace rewards & engagement tool that fosters a recognition-rich, high-performance, and value- based culture in an organization.

At Slick, our goal is to help organizations, whether start-ups or corporations to set-up an easy-to-use and truly rewarding tool to keep employees motivated, productive and happy at work.

At the end of the day, one of the key elements in building a successful business is a happy, engaged and productive workforce.

Why Slick?

  • Meet Targets. Promote Values.Slick includes a performance management module intended to
    align company targets, corporate
    values and employee KPIs with the rewards and recognition program.
  • Build A Unique CultureA workplace with happy and
    motivated individuals are solid
    foundations to building a strong
    organizational culture. Slick will help your organization get to that.
  • Proudly PH-DevelopedDesigned and developed with the Filipino workforce in mind, Slick features useful HR functions and strategies customized and localized into performance management, rewards and engagement modules.
  • Boost PerformanceBy recognizing employees for delivering results make them feel happier about their work, resulting in increased motivation, productivity and overall engagement.
  • Branding-FriendlyGraphic design and theme elements are customizable at Slick. From your logo, brand colors, to your own icons and badges, Slick can be made to match.
  • Gamified. Simplified.Slick runs on points system,
    badges and leaderboards to help
    drive instant and exciting

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Built-in Modules

 Customization-friendly  modules to meet your multi-generational workforce.

hris basic

  • Digitized and Centralized Employee Database
  • Paperless Performance Evaluations Record-keeping
  • Real-time Data Updating
  • Controlled-Access
  • Secured Data Storage


  • Automated Onboarding-to-Offboarding Workflow
  • Secured Discipline Management Database
  • Pay-for-Performance Solution (salary appraisal
  • Other HR DocManagement


  • Adaptive or Fixed KPI Benchmark Algorithm for Goal Setting
  • Dynamic Filters and User-Friendly Scorecard/ Metrics Reporting
  • Automated Workflow for Performance Evaluations
    • Self Evaluation
    • Peer-to-Peer Evaluation
    • Supervisor-to-Employee Evaluation
  • Digital Employee and Supervisor Sign-off


On Badges
  • Customizable badges
  • Create a new badge
  • Awarding of badges
On Rewards
  • Create a new reward
  • Standard rewards
  • Premium rewards
  • Rewards bidding
  • Rewards Hub by Slick

idea space

On Ideas Generation
  • Submit an idea
  • Grab an idea
  • Customized criteria for idea selection
On Idea Implementation
  • Project repository
  • Track project status
  • Track project list
  • Track YTD savings/ revenue generated from implemented projects


The Fund Up Module is a simplified cooperative to teach employees and save up, invest and improve their financial literacy.

  • Flexible Savings Options
  • Integration to Payroll
  • Direct Access to Controlled Credit 

Our Packages


HRIS Basic


Rewards Hub




HRIS Basic


Rewards Hub




HRIS Basic


Rewards Hub

Idea Space

Fund Up

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